All our hides are imported from Italy and are available in a variety of colours. All parts are cut from leather and no vinyl is used on the side panels. A special seem is sawed on the airbag side and all seats are branded and marked SRS Airbag, a special marking is on the inside of the leather. We specialize in all vehicle manufacturing makes and models likes of Mazda, Volkswagen, GM and Mitsubishi. We at Polyguard (Pty) ltd take pride in supplying you with the highest quality - both technically and in our craftsmanship. Our dedicated staff has the highest level of technical expertise. This, coupled with the latest and finest equipment, ensures that our craftsmanship is in a class all of its own. As a result, you, the customer are rewarded with the finest service and work available. We work continuously on both product development and quality assurance, making sure that you always get the highest standard of workmanship and service. All Polyguard (Pty) ltd products come with our standard guarantee, that the product has an unconditional 12 month warranty against all and any manufacturing defects. If however, any part is found to be defective, it will be immediately replaced at no cost. Stock items can be dispatched within 48 hours. Under normal circumstances, orders are dispatched weekly (C.I.F) airfreight to the customer's nearest airport, or if the customer so wishes, to an alternative address of their choice. Our extremely fast response time is due to the consistently high level of co-operation that we achieve with our customers. All Polyguard (Pty) ltd products are available in a variety of colours. All standard colours are available, and for those who want to personalise their products, other colours are available on request.

Seat covers
  • LDV’s & SUV vehicles
  • All air bag compatible
  • Higher grade quality
  • Material 510g thick
  • Protected with soft foam on the inside to protect the original seat
  • Water-resistant
  • Available in 3 colours – Dove grey, Charcoal & Black