About Alucab

Alu-Cab started life building aluminium canopies and although we offer a wide range of innovative off-road gear these days, we still pride ourselves on being canopy specialists. But why aluminium? It’s stronger than fibreglass – a canopy we sold to a rental fleet customer has been involved in no less than three road accidents – all roll overs, but remains in use, as strong as ever. This fully recyclable metal doesn’t rust, weather or crack. Plus, our canopies are typically lighter than steel units.

Besides the advantages of aluminium construction, our canopies have been designed for ease of use; so you can bolt on things like cupboards, ammo box slides, and jerrycan & gas bottle holders. What’s more, the roof has been designed in such a way that you can bolt on a roof-top tent, you don’t need a roof rack!

Inside the canopy, the roof cross braces double as tie-down rails, as does internal base frame, so you can attach accessories to the canopy’s interior sides or roof without any drilling. Or you can use the tie-down rails as lashing points to secure your cargo.

This versatility means that it’s entirely possible to use your canopy as a workhorse during the week and an overlanding unit on the weekends and holidays. The best of both worlds!

Optional Kit
  • Alu-Cab Expedition rooftop tent
  • Alu-Cab Shadow awning
  • Bolt-on load bars or roof rack (no drilling required)
  • Jerrycan holder RHS
  • Gas bottle holder (3 kg gas bottle)
  • Universal ammo box slide
  • Alu-Cab camping table (roof-mount option)
  • Universal cupboards (standard or kitted)
  • Various drawer systems
  • Fridge slides, water tanks and much more

Sleek new design

Our canopies are CAD design to ensure consistency and quality.

Rear door options

Full width of maximum access, or square door to allow fitment of gas bottle/jerry can holders on each side.

Fitment & Gas struts

No-drill fitment of most modern vehicles. Fitment brackets fasten to manufacturers load points on load bin. High quality durable units from Stabilus.


Aluminium extrusions


Automotive safety glass


Aluminium sheet CNC laser cut and bent.


62kg. Approx weight for double cab canopy.

Seam joints & Doors

TIG welded. Centre flexed hinged.


Side doors available in smooth or tread plate.